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  1. Qualifications of Staff and TeachersAll studios will list enthusiastic teachers who have years of experience teaching children and adults of all ages. Many studios will say they bring in outside choreographers to challenge their dancers and expose them to current trends in choreography. BUT, for the average student or once per week student, you want to ask about any current memberships with recognized dance associations such as the R.A.D, C.D.T.A, D.M.A, I.S.T.D, B.A.T.D. etc. This will ensure your choreographers and teachers have achieved a certain standardized level of training. You want to ask about expectations within the class in regards to attendance, punctuality, and classroom management. You also want to find out if there are additional teaching assistants for certain classes and if you can expect the teacher on the schedule to be the permanent, consistent teacher for that class for the season.


  1. Length of ClassWhen choosing a studio, many parents simply “shop around”. They focus on the bottom dollar. They may not realize that tuition at one studio may be for a half hour class once per week for 9 months VERSUS a 45 minute-1 hour class once per week for 8 and a half months elsewhere. You should be realistic about what a teacher can actually accomplish within a half hour considering the age of the children and the likelihood that on a weekly/monthly basis, normal disruptions (i.e. arriving late for class, needing to leave to the use the bathroom) will all affect the outcome of the class and the progress of each individual dancer.


  1. Customer Service and Immediate AssistanceHow accessible is the staff of the studio if you have questions or concerns? Do they respond within a reasonable length of time to your emails or phone calls? What attempts do they take to make sure their students and families are kept informed of all important dates and activities? Do they often go above and beyond their job description to ensure your satisfaction with their programs and services? Do you feel as if they take a personal interest in your dancer and your family? Are they intent on providing additional opportunities for their students such as workshops, auditions, and performance.


  1. FacilitiesDo they welcome visits to the studio and are they happy to answer your questions? Will students be dancing on sprung wooden floors or Marley dance floors?


  1. Programs OfferedDoes the studio offer a variety of programs and payment plans? Are you looking to try a single class, a short term program or ready to commit for the full season but need a flexible option for making payment? Do they have the style of dance you want or are they able to suggest what might be the right fit for you? What are your options for discontinuing if necessary? If you are looking for a class for your child, how will they correctly place them in a class or level? Are classes simply organized by age or skill or both? How do they assess a dancer for a competitive level program?


"All 4 One Dance Company has taught my daughter amazing dance technique but has also taught her what it means to be part of a team. The incredible sense of team spirit and support for one another goes without words. All 4 One Dance Company has provided her with many opportunities to grow as a dancer and as an individual. This studio taught her what it means to be dedicated and enabled her to build self confidence. I am proud of the beautiful dancer she has become, which was made possible by her choreographer and All 4 One!   Thank you" 

Michelle - Parent

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